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افتراضي Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 + crack , 2018,2017

2018,2017 Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 + crack
2018,2017 Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 + crack
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Ashampoo Burning Studio (x64 x86)+ crack

برنامج Ashampoo Burning Studio يتيح لك نسخ الأقراص الليزرية و حرق جميع أنواع الملفات و البيانات على أقراص CD/DVD و أقراص الBlu-Ray، و أيضا إنشاء أقراص سمعية و أقراص موسيقة تحتوي على ملفات صوتية بإمتداد MP3.
يمكنك أيضا حرق ملفاتك بكل سهولة أو إنشاء أقراص أفلام رقمية DVD عن طريق حرق ملفات الفيديو و الأفلام، بالإضافة إلى عمل عرض لصورك الرقمية بنظام الشرائح Slide Show و حرقه على أقراص DVD و مشاهدته مع العائلة على جهاز التلفاز في منزلك.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Final يملك واجهة مستخدم رسومية منظمة توفر لك الحلول الجيدة في نسخ الاأقراص المضغوطة و المدمجة و أقراص الBlu-Ray و عمل نسخ إحتياطية لها، كما يمكنك أيضا عمل نسخ إحتياطية BackUp لأقراصك و إسطواناتك الرقمية CD/DVD بصيغة ISO و تشغيلها عن طريق سواقة وهمية أو حفظها في مكان آمن.

يمكنك أيضا إنشاء صور الأقراص بعدة إمتدادات مثل إمتداد CUE و ISO و BIN و غير ذلك من الإمتدادات الأخرى، البرنامج يحتوي على الكثير من الوظائف الأخرى التي تميزه عن بقية برامج حرق الملفات.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Final تحصل على العديد من الجوائز لكفائته و قدرته و سرعته الكبيرة في حرق الملفات، و ايضا يتعبر احد اللادوات لإنشاء اقراص أوديو في خطوات بسيطة، البرنامج لا يحتاج الى أي خبرة للتعامل معه سواء كنت مستخدم مبتدأ أو محترف، بحيث يمكنك فقط تحديد و إستراد الملفات و الصور و الفيديو من القرص الصلب و حرقها مباشرة على إسطوانات الCD و الDVD.

يمكنك الآن مجانا تحميل و تجربة آخر إصدار من برنامج
Ashampoo Burning Studio لحرق مختلف انواع الملفات على الأقراص المدمجة و المضغوطة CDs/DVDs و أيضا على أقراص الBlu-Ray.

Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 Multilingual + crack 121.03 MB

The new Ashampoo Burning Studio has seen enhancements across the board. Enjoy a more beautiful, intuitive user interface, neat and tidy down to the last feature. Experience better visuals and clarity to the point where everything becomes instantly familiar and usable. Sleek menu paths, self-explanatory icons and a fool-proof layout of all program steps help you always find your way around the program.

The sound for your car
Pick songs, select radio model, choose destination - done
If you want to create a music collection for your car, you'll often be faced with a problem: Burned to disc or saved to USB stick, nearly none of the available car radios support all sound formats, sorting becomes mixed up and your songs are played in random order. The new Burning Studio puts an end to this! With numerous presets for various radio models, you can now listen to your songs in the way you want to.

More formats, more options
Everything for the perfect slideshow, more compatible than ever before
Making and burning movies has always been the program's specialty. Version 18 now also supports the popular MPEG-4, H.264 and AAC formats. Combined with first-rate new scene transition and sound effects, you now have a sheer endless number of options to create movies exactly to your wishes. There are so many possibilities - let your imagination run wild!

Room for creativity
Joy meets the latest technology - make your projects a reality
There no limit to your creativity with Burning Studio. Cutting movies is easy and subtitles as text hints, themes or custom graphics help you add individual accents. Turn your photos into slideshows with music to capture your most memorable moments in style or design the perfect cover for your audio CD and use the fascinating mosaic feature or the many presets. You will find that working with Burning Studio is a genuinely fun experience!

Simply secure
Safeguard important data against unauthorized access
Burning Studio also offers impressive backup functionality. Burn or save your data how you want it and where you need it. Stunningly simple yet brilliantly implemented technically. And if your files exceed the disk capacity, Burning Studio simply spreads it for your across multiple volumes, automatically. Compression and secure password-protection included!

Music's in the air
All-round service for your audio files
Burning Studio takes to audio files like a duck to water. Rip and store CDs either in high quality or with maximum space savings. Artists and titles are recognized automatically. Then, burn audio CDs with the greatest easy and apply various equalizer presets or volume adjustments before your very own cover design goes into print. Sounds good? It is!

Burn? Burn!
Burn data safely and with great flexibility
Naturally, burning data to CD, DVD or Blu-ray is the core feature of the program. But Burning Studio shows resourcefulness even with such a simple task. Storing huge amounts of data across multiple discs is stunningly simple, autostart discs feature custom menus and individual designs while encrypted discs come with strong password protection for maximum security.

3 steps
Success is just a few clicks away
Many users are astonished when they work with Burning Studio for the first time. It's that easy? Yes, there's only three steps to the basic work flow: select files, choose a processing method and select a target. Everything else is optional. Creating video DVDs with animated menus in just a few clicks? With Burning Studio, anyone can do it!



Crack x64 x86

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2018,2017 Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 + crack
2018,2017 Ashampoo Burning Studio DC 30.03.2017 + crack
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